Getting to St.Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is a major transport hub. Connections include federal highways, international European routes (connecting Scandinavia and Eastern Europe), waterways, railways and airlines.

Air travel
City is served by Pulkovo airport (third busiest airport in Russia) , which has two passenger terminals (one mostly for domestic flights and another for international), a modern third terminal is currently under construction and is scheduled for completion in 2014.
St Petersburg is well-connected throughout Europe and the former Soviet Union, from some destinations you have to change planes in either Moscow or another European hub.

Approximate prices for a return journey to St.Petersburg:

London from 236 £.
Berlin from 150€.
Kiev from 145€.
Paris from 200€.
Riga from 100€.

Warsaw from 166€.

Stockholm from 115€.

Lappeenranta Airport (IATA code “LPP”, served by Ryanair), which is located near Saint Petersburg (220km) in Finnish side of the border, is also popular among Russian travelers.

A regular, 24/7, rapid-bus transit connection (marshrutka) runs between Pulkovo airport and the city center.

City is served by five railway terminals (Baltiysky, Finlyandsky, Ladozhsky, Moskovsky, and Vitebsky). Saint Petersburg has international railway connections to all former republics of the USSR. High speed service connects Saint Petersburg to Moscow, taking 3.5 hours to travel between cities. An overnight journey would take 8 hours.

There also is Allegro fast train service connecting St.Petersburg to Helsinki (journey time is 3h 36 min).
Prices for one-way journey are 32-70€.

International passenger waterways connect St.Petersburg and Baltic countries, ferries go to Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn.

Several private companies operate international bus routes to Helsinki and the Baltic countries. Destinations include Riga(10h), Tallinn(7h), Helsinki(6h), Turku(via Helsinki, 11h). Price for one-way journey is 20-30€.

Cheapes way to get from destinations in Europe with no direct flight to St.Petersburg usually is flying to Helsinki and getting a bus from there.