Events of Eurocon 2015

International events on convent (without timing). Some of them are bilingual. This schedule may change

1.Open Ceremony 23 April
2.Close Ceremony 26 April
3.International party
4.Local party

Organizers are pleased to present events involving Guests of Honor – it will be special lectures, interviews with guests of the convent, autograph session, a series of roundtables with incomparable Jukka Halme. Of course we will be happy if you are interested in and work of Russian authors on the presentation and autograph session where you can get free during the convention

As we have already announced, planned range of events dedicated to space exploration

1. Meeting with the Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vladimirovich Vinogradov
2. Round Table: Do we need space flights? (Vinogradov, A. Zheleznyakov)
3. Presentation of the multimedia project “Atlas of the Universe”
4. Among the guests of the convention will be the representatives of the British Association of Space.
5. Autograph session with cosmonaut

Presentation from Russian and European writers about modern situation in local fandoms, interesting trends and genres in literature from different countries (“Horror in Russia(n) Literature”, “Modern French SF”, “Chinese SF: the Eternal Game of Dragon & Phoenix” etc ).

A number of activities will be associated with the convention organizers story about upcoming conventions – Eurocon 2016 and 2017, Finnish Bid for Worldcon.

Visual arts – the major component of fiction. We could not ignore this interesting area.
Throughout the convention will run art fair, will be held a seminar from Andrey Ferez and Vasilij Polovtsev for emerging artists, will host a roundtable popular artists dedicated to topical issues of art. For anyone who is not familiar with the works of the authors represented in the exhibition will be organized tour. It is possible that you will be able to take advantage of a unique chance to get the work of one of the artists in your collection.

All participants are invited to view the classic Russian sci-fi films, which will be held for two days (all films are subtitled in English). Scheduled to report on How to make a fantastic short movie with a limited budget, a presentationabout pioneers of modern special effects etc.

The program also includes a number of critical convention reports devoted to fiction

All participants are invited on 2 full days Russian SF movie viewing with English subtitles. Also will be working art presentation with a guided tour on Saturday, conversation with artists, possibility to arrangement some of the art works. Will be work fair, where you can buy interesting things, books.

For all concerned — the Russian-language program can be found at the Russian-language page of the program.

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