Getting a visa


As of time of writing, the citizens of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova Israel, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina have visa-free access for short-term stay. EU citizens have to obtain a visa in their country of residence.

You have to check that your passport is valid 6 month after the dates of the convention, else your visa can be denied or you won’t be allowed to enter the country. 

List of the documents required to apply for a Russian visa differs from country to country. Usually there are two obligatory papers: “tourist voucher” and “visa support”.
You do not need to provide originals, scan/fax would be enough. Both papers you can get from main convention hotels, if you stay there. Below is general visa information.

Short guide on how one does usually get those:
1. You can contact any of the companies that issue both of them. Russian companies provide this service for ~30€. We would not recommend using service of local European companies, since the price can be up to 10 times higher.
2. Most of 3-4* hotels can provide this service, if you are booking a room they will offer a voucher and confirmation for 12-18€. Our prospective main convention hotel will provide this service too.
3. If you are booking a room at a hotel, which does not provide visa support, it still can send you a tourist voucher, and then you will have to get a support paper from a third-party company, usual price will be again ~12-18€.

Visa fee depends on your country of residence, for most EU countries it is 35€.
On arrival must register your stay in Russia. Usually this registration is done by hotel service, either free of charge or for 4-8€.

Information on documents required and visa application can be found on following website:

We shall keep you informed of all updates concerning this matter.

At the moment we are trying to find a reliable company in Russia which can issue these papers without hotel booking.